Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Majors: Band of Outsiders

In the first few days of fashion week I have thus far been thoroughly impressed. I have been inspired by Creatures of Comfort to wear an over-sized coat with my loveliest pajama pants and still look chic. While designers such as Alexander Wang, Altuzarra and Thakoon all pushed me to bring that pop of neon to my mostly all black ensembles. And opening ceremony, with its chocolate wall inspired me to eat the whole Hershey's bar. But no designer has impressed me as much as Band of Outsiders. The collection was not presented on a runway. The models were placed in front of what looked like paper drawings of everyday household items and presented in a showroom. The clothing though... oh those clothes. If clothes could speak these ones were shrieking "BUY ME OLIVIA! BUY ME! BUY ME!" but unfortunately all I could shriek back was, "LET ME STEAL YOU! I HAS NO MONIES LITTLE ONES!". Good thing I was sitting in my bedroom alone when this all happened or I'm sure I would have been writing to you from the comfort of a soft padded room with  lock only on the outside. But enough of my paranoia. Let's talk about the clothes.
If there could only be one word to describe this collection that word would be cool. This collection had all the elements of the cool girl. There was fur, plaid, sunglasses, oxfords, abstract patterning, knits, winks and some awesome over-the-elbow gloves. This collection was only short on sugar, spice and everything nice to create the perfect it girl(crosses fingers that the Powerpuff Girls reference was appreciated).
But really, the girl that Band of Outsiders designed this collection for is a cool girl. She's the girl that everyone wants to be but knows they could never pull it off quite like she does. I hate that girl.
And yet I still would give my first born child to be her... oh the irony.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Basic Betches.

You know those Hanes commercials? The ones with Micheal Jordan in them? The commercials talk about how the classic white tee is so cool that Michael Jordan wears them. Honest to god I don't even watch basketball and I wanted a plain white tee that was guaranteed to have no bacon neck. 
But why? Why was I compelled to think that a plain white t-shirt was really that cool? It couldn't have just been because of Michael. I do admit that at one time I truly wanted to be "like Mike", that is of course until I realized that no. Just no. 
I think the reason it is so cool,and Michael helped to make it so cool is because of its simplicity. There is no fancy designer, or bright coolers or complex design. Its a T-shirt and nothing more. 
One trend that has come up this first half of NYFW was simplicity. Yes, of course, there were amazing designs and bright new ideas, but designers like Tibi, Christian Siriano, A D├ętacher and Victoria Beckham all took simple silhouettes and classic silhouettes and redesigned them to fit their own aesthetics. This I find quite cool for a couple of reasons. One, these designers are bringing casual cool back into style. To look completely put together but also completely like you just got out of bed is becoming on trend again. Another thing,is that these styles continually prove to be timeless. They are simple and timeless and yet different and modern and complex all at the same time.
Sometimes less is more and basic is bitchin. 
Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada. If basic bitches wear that shit, then where do I sign up-a?

This is me basic bitchin it. 

Man, I have said le b word a lot in this post.

Get over it bitch.



Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's only fashion, but I like it.

As what I have dubbed "Fashion Month" is set to officially begin in a matter of hours in the big apple, I have taken it upon myself to compose a list of some of the greatest moments in fashion of all time. One may ask how I am qualified to make such decisions? The most simple of answers is, I'm not. But, nevertheless I will not let that stop me. And why do I feel so defiant? Because I say! If Rebecca Black had realized she wasn't qualified no one would ever know what day comes after Wednesday! If the bad guys in "taken" knew their boundaries Liam Nesson wouldn't have had an excuse to kill people and we wouldn't have had an excuse for being happy to watch him do it. If Forrest Gump knew went by the books there would be no box of chocolates for him to contemplate his life over! Shan't I go on? 

The coming of fashion week season has had me reflecting. What is the big deal about fashion anyway? Why does anyone even care? Why do I care?

And then I remind myself of these moments and I remember

Its only fashion, but I like it.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Majors:A Homage to Men's Fashion Week

I'm not saying that I don't care about men's fashion week... all I'm saying is that my app didn't get its usual lovin' the month of January.
I want to care, I really do, but I just can't seem to get into it. I could sit all day avoiding my mountains of homework looking at women's clothes all day but when I see men walking down the runway I am paying attention to EVERYTHING about them except their clothes. Oops! So this is why I have created this post. To force myself to look at men....s fashion.

Dolce & Gabanna. This. is. HIGH FASHION! 300 anyone? No? oh.

Frankie Morello. mmhm.

Givenchy. The Mandal seems to be on point.

Gucci. Maybe... maybe I do enjoy men's fashion.

Topman. Yes I definitely am enjoying this.

Bobby Abley. Wait No! I am not enjoying this! And neither is he!

HOLD THE PHONE! I have converted once again back to a fan of men's fashion. Or maybe just fashion. Or maybe just men. 


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Elbow pads? Corsets? Couture? Chanel?!

I may be a little late to the game to talk about the Chanel 2014 Couture show but I have been completely obsessing over it since I watch the show. To start Karl Lagerfeld is still a bonafied genius. He has taken the Chanel of Coco and has oh so gracefully continued to evolve it to appeal to the fashion world year after year, and 2014 was no exception.
I believe Karl's obsession with Cara Delevigne is as big as mine and to start her off in this show just after he had her begin his fall show was, I believe, a big stamp of approval from Karl that Cara is official the new IT girl of our generation. (Which I have no objections to might I add.)
THE HAIR! Crowns made of hair?! What could be more perfect?! Nothing. And as was the hair was the attitude of the models. These girls were practically clicking their heels while they walked down the runway (I mean I would too if I were walking for Chanel because OHMYGOD).
The mix of classic Chanel with elegant lace and sporty sneakers and elbow and knee pads.... wait, I know I'm writing this... but did I just say elbow and knee pads?! That is right Karl has done it. He has made knee pads look chic. No. Not just chic my friends, he has made this recreational padding into a must needed accessory(at least for me). As soon I as I was finished watching the show I pulled out my bedazzler and my old rollerblading pads and began what became 3 hours of the war on knees( and maybe even some accidental Vajazzling).  Needless to say, you won't see me rolling down the street shiny shins and all anytime soon. But a girl can dream no?

Roller sesh anyone?

Favorite look of the collection. Absolutely stunning details.

Can I be a cool model now? Please?


Sorry, but I don't take walk ins. 

And finally the end result of my Bedazzling night. Who needs Chanel anyway?


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Haters gon hate... and also wear jogging gear daily

I have a confession to make. No it is not that I have suddenly come to the realization that this blog is as much of a hit as Google glasses. And no it is not that I also bought Google glasses. I confess that I am stuck in a rut. A college lyfe rut. There is no getting around it. As I strive to stand out the population of students at my school is begging me to just STOP. The looks I receive as I walk across campus in my Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes or my tweed coat are undeniably negative. These people are not looking to me in envy and they definitely don't think I am "cool". The typical outfit for a girl going to class on my campus is workout gear and nikes; that is of course unless they are going out then it is typically the smallest tightest thing they can fit their bodies into and then off to the frats!!! I know I mustn't complain for that truly gets me nowhere but I can't help it. Especially when every day I look at my favorite blogs and see the women wearing the clothes that I would die to wear and not feel foolish doing so. Okay rant over. Here are some pretty clothes to set balance to this post.
 Oh so French. How I desire this. 

Can I pull of the hat?

P.S. before I die, I WILL own a pair of Chanel sneakers. Mark my words.

Mark. My. Words.