Sunday, February 9, 2014

Basic Betches.

You know those Hanes commercials? The ones with Micheal Jordan in them? The commercials talk about how the classic white tee is so cool that Michael Jordan wears them. Honest to god I don't even watch basketball and I wanted a plain white tee that was guaranteed to have no bacon neck. 
But why? Why was I compelled to think that a plain white t-shirt was really that cool? It couldn't have just been because of Michael. I do admit that at one time I truly wanted to be "like Mike", that is of course until I realized that no. Just no. 
I think the reason it is so cool,and Michael helped to make it so cool is because of its simplicity. There is no fancy designer, or bright coolers or complex design. Its a T-shirt and nothing more. 
One trend that has come up this first half of NYFW was simplicity. Yes, of course, there were amazing designs and bright new ideas, but designers like Tibi, Christian Siriano, A D├ętacher and Victoria Beckham all took simple silhouettes and classic silhouettes and redesigned them to fit their own aesthetics. This I find quite cool for a couple of reasons. One, these designers are bringing casual cool back into style. To look completely put together but also completely like you just got out of bed is becoming on trend again. Another thing,is that these styles continually prove to be timeless. They are simple and timeless and yet different and modern and complex all at the same time.
Sometimes less is more and basic is bitchin. 
Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada. If basic bitches wear that shit, then where do I sign up-a?

This is me basic bitchin it. 

Man, I have said le b word a lot in this post.

Get over it bitch.



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