Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's only fashion, but I like it.

As what I have dubbed "Fashion Month" is set to officially begin in a matter of hours in the big apple, I have taken it upon myself to compose a list of some of the greatest moments in fashion of all time. One may ask how I am qualified to make such decisions? The most simple of answers is, I'm not. But, nevertheless I will not let that stop me. And why do I feel so defiant? Because I say! If Rebecca Black had realized she wasn't qualified no one would ever know what day comes after Wednesday! If the bad guys in "taken" knew their boundaries Liam Nesson wouldn't have had an excuse to kill people and we wouldn't have had an excuse for being happy to watch him do it. If Forrest Gump knew went by the books there would be no box of chocolates for him to contemplate his life over! Shan't I go on? 

The coming of fashion week season has had me reflecting. What is the big deal about fashion anyway? Why does anyone even care? Why do I care?

And then I remind myself of these moments and I remember

Its only fashion, but I like it.

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