Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Majors: Band of Outsiders

In the first few days of fashion week I have thus far been thoroughly impressed. I have been inspired by Creatures of Comfort to wear an over-sized coat with my loveliest pajama pants and still look chic. While designers such as Alexander Wang, Altuzarra and Thakoon all pushed me to bring that pop of neon to my mostly all black ensembles. And opening ceremony, with its chocolate wall inspired me to eat the whole Hershey's bar. But no designer has impressed me as much as Band of Outsiders. The collection was not presented on a runway. The models were placed in front of what looked like paper drawings of everyday household items and presented in a showroom. The clothing though... oh those clothes. If clothes could speak these ones were shrieking "BUY ME OLIVIA! BUY ME! BUY ME!" but unfortunately all I could shriek back was, "LET ME STEAL YOU! I HAS NO MONIES LITTLE ONES!". Good thing I was sitting in my bedroom alone when this all happened or I'm sure I would have been writing to you from the comfort of a soft padded room with  lock only on the outside. But enough of my paranoia. Let's talk about the clothes.
If there could only be one word to describe this collection that word would be cool. This collection had all the elements of the cool girl. There was fur, plaid, sunglasses, oxfords, abstract patterning, knits, winks and some awesome over-the-elbow gloves. This collection was only short on sugar, spice and everything nice to create the perfect it girl(crosses fingers that the Powerpuff Girls reference was appreciated).
But really, the girl that Band of Outsiders designed this collection for is a cool girl. She's the girl that everyone wants to be but knows they could never pull it off quite like she does. I hate that girl.
And yet I still would give my first born child to be her... oh the irony.

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