Sunday, February 2, 2014

Elbow pads? Corsets? Couture? Chanel?!

I may be a little late to the game to talk about the Chanel 2014 Couture show but I have been completely obsessing over it since I watch the show. To start Karl Lagerfeld is still a bonafied genius. He has taken the Chanel of Coco and has oh so gracefully continued to evolve it to appeal to the fashion world year after year, and 2014 was no exception.
I believe Karl's obsession with Cara Delevigne is as big as mine and to start her off in this show just after he had her begin his fall show was, I believe, a big stamp of approval from Karl that Cara is official the new IT girl of our generation. (Which I have no objections to might I add.)
THE HAIR! Crowns made of hair?! What could be more perfect?! Nothing. And as was the hair was the attitude of the models. These girls were practically clicking their heels while they walked down the runway (I mean I would too if I were walking for Chanel because OHMYGOD).
The mix of classic Chanel with elegant lace and sporty sneakers and elbow and knee pads.... wait, I know I'm writing this... but did I just say elbow and knee pads?! That is right Karl has done it. He has made knee pads look chic. No. Not just chic my friends, he has made this recreational padding into a must needed accessory(at least for me). As soon I as I was finished watching the show I pulled out my bedazzler and my old rollerblading pads and began what became 3 hours of the war on knees( and maybe even some accidental Vajazzling).  Needless to say, you won't see me rolling down the street shiny shins and all anytime soon. But a girl can dream no?

Roller sesh anyone?

Favorite look of the collection. Absolutely stunning details.

Can I be a cool model now? Please?


Sorry, but I don't take walk ins. 

And finally the end result of my Bedazzling night. Who needs Chanel anyway?


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