Thursday, January 30, 2014

Haters gon hate... and also wear jogging gear daily

I have a confession to make. No it is not that I have suddenly come to the realization that this blog is as much of a hit as Google glasses. And no it is not that I also bought Google glasses. I confess that I am stuck in a rut. A college lyfe rut. There is no getting around it. As I strive to stand out the population of students at my school is begging me to just STOP. The looks I receive as I walk across campus in my Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes or my tweed coat are undeniably negative. These people are not looking to me in envy and they definitely don't think I am "cool". The typical outfit for a girl going to class on my campus is workout gear and nikes; that is of course unless they are going out then it is typically the smallest tightest thing they can fit their bodies into and then off to the frats!!! I know I mustn't complain for that truly gets me nowhere but I can't help it. Especially when every day I look at my favorite blogs and see the women wearing the clothes that I would die to wear and not feel foolish doing so. Okay rant over. Here are some pretty clothes to set balance to this post.
 Oh so French. How I desire this. 

Can I pull of the hat?

P.S. before I die, I WILL own a pair of Chanel sneakers. Mark my words.

Mark. My. Words.


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